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A Bark And A Meow

Just a few of our walkers and sitters.

Andrea Infante

Owner of A Bark And A Meow.

It gives me the utmost happiness to know that so many out there are choosing a pet care service, and are thinking about their pet’s happiness and well-being. I am moved every moment of the day that our clients allow us into their homes to become an important part of

their pets’ daily lives. I began this business from a long history in dog training and pet sitting. I am proud of my staff who devote all their love and care for our clients and plunge through all weather conditions to make your pet's their priority. My team are people that I would trust to watch my own pets. They are all kind, responsible and compassionate, with a real devotion and love for animals and I am infinitely grateful to be associated with each and every one of them.



Jen has been an animal lover for years. She has taken care of all breeds of dogs, cats and even snakes! Spending time with sweet animals is her

passion as well as teaching dance and drumming!



Seemed like just the other day I was walking dogs. But it’s actually been about four years. But I’ll forever be grateful for the experience. To this day, I still think about how those hounds — on a daily basis — turned my frowns upside down. Those hundreds of walks also got me thinking differently about urban life. I soon began seeing Chicago as a living laboratory. And with this thinking came a passion for PhD level research to help better connect the dots between our complex urban problems. Till that academic adventure of mine begins I’m just gonna continue enjoying all the parts of dog walking that helped make me who I am today. Oh dog walking how I missed ya!  

Bill Puhr

Director of the Loop and Near North.

Bill lives in the South Loop with his wife and two adopted cocker spaniels-Cooper and Chloé. He grew up with dogs and cats and has been around them his whole life. He is very excited about the future of ABAAM and is committed to continuing the friendly, quality service our clients are used to.

Each day he brings a passion and commitment to each individual dog or cat he cares for and has a unique outlook and rapport which they respond to.

As a proud pet owner, Bill cares for each pet as if they are one of his own.

He approaches all with the philosophy that everyone is unique and must be treated according to their individuality. This attention to detail makes Bill a much loved pet care provider among our four-legged clients and their owners.



Anne is just wonderful with dogs and cats. Being a multiple cat owner in the past, she's put all her love into our clients. She loves getting out there and walking the dogs in all weather. It brings her so much happiness to know an animal has been rescued.

Anne spends her leisure time making crafts and sells on ebay and at art fairs.



Shirley started pet sitting at a young age for neighbors and friends out of love for all animals & the happiness they brought her. Each time she enters a pet’s home, she smiles & knows that she has the best job on earth. She loves being outside with the animals, enjoying the beauty of the city and calm of Rogers Park neighborhood. Outside of work, Shirley enjoys playing on the beach with her rescue dog, reading, writing and working as a journalist and yoga teacher.