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A Bark And A Meow

Will my dog be walked alone or with other dogs?

Our walks are individual unless there are other dogs close by and you wish to do group walking rather than the individual.

What other services do you offer besides dog walks?

We primarily offer cat sitting, dog sitting and private boarding. We do also provide loving care for other pets.

How do I know my dog has been walked?

Our walkers leave our report card at your home after every walk letting you know what happened for the day. At times, you will also get a picture sent to you giving you a snapshot of the fun they had on their walk!

Scheduling: What times do you offer walks? How do I get more information or sign up?

We offer walks/pet sitting/boarding 24/7. We are happy to accommodate you day or night. We schedule a "meet and greet" where you will meet one of us and we go through our entire program with you.

Can I request a last minute walk, pet sitting, boarding?

Absolutely! We are happy to give you and your pet the attention you need. Just reach out to us, and we will match you up with a dog walker, sitter or a loving home for boarding.

How do I schedule my first walk?

Go to and fill out the contact form to schedule a "meet and greet". One of us will be on their way to meet you and your pet in no time!

How do I cancel or reschedule a walk?

If you have already had a meet and greet, just let the office know by text if its the same day as your scheduled visit or if you know prior that you will be off, then you can let your dog walker know directly, by leaving a note.

Do your dog walkers/sitters go through training?

Yes! We train our walkers to know every possible care or situation regarding animals.

Do I get the same dog walker for each walk?

Yes! We want to develop a relationship between you and your dog walker, that way your pup can get used to the love and attention that we give. On rare occasions a substitute walker is provided if your regular walker becomes ill or any emergency. There are other times, a walker moves on to another full-time job, but we do our best to maintain our walkers as long as we possibly can.

What happens if my pet gets ill or is injured on a visit?

All of our walkers/sitters are CPR and Pet First Aid certified and can assist your pup so that he is able and ready to get to the vet in the event of an injury.

Will I get to meet my dog walker before making a final decision?

Absolutely! There are some clients that are open to a walker/sitter to care for their pets without meeting the walker/sitter and there are others that prefer to do so. In that case, we set up a “meet and greet” where you get to meet the walker/sitter prior to the walks. There are some cases where the walk or sitting job is short notice and the walker/sitter is unable to meet prior.

What is the hiring process like at A Bark And A Meow?

Every applicant we interview goes through an interviewing process which includes: a phone interview, an in-person interview, and an in-the-field interview. We only want the very best for your pet! Background check is mandatory. All employees/subcontractors are insured and bonded.

Will my dog receive reinforcement or any training on their walks?

We want to customize your walk so that your pup gets everything that he needs. Whether that is reinforcing potty training, working on leash pulling or good socialization habits, we believe that a mentally active dog is a happy dog. That’s why after every walk, we leave you with a report card, giving you an update on what we worked on that day!

Billing or Payment?

We bill you on Thursday unless otherwise specified and pick up checks, cash on Fridays or you can pay via PayPal on Friday.

What is your cancellation policy?

We request a two-hour notification prior to your service. There are no contracts with us, so you are free to stay or leave at any time.